Canon Maxify iB4170 Install

First Time Setting Up Canon Maxify IB4170 Install

Connect Canon Maxify iB4170 Printer To The Internet

  1. Before you start with the configuration process, make sure that you have completed the hardware setup of your printer. Also, you need to make sure that the ink cartridges and paper should be loaded properly in the input tray.
  2. After this, switch on the printer by pressing its power button. Wait until the power lamp lits properly.
  3. Now, you will need an Ethernet (Network) cable to connect your printer to the router.
  4. Afterward, remove the cap from the port located on the right side at the back of the printer.
  5. Thereafter, connect the printer and a network device (router, etc.) with an Ethernet(Network) cable. Also, make sure that you don’t connect to any other port.
  6. This confirms the successful configuration of your printer to the wired connection.

Downloading And Installation Process Of Canon Maxify iB4170 Printer Driver


  1. Firstly, open your preferred web browser on your device.
  2. After this, type URL in the search bar.
  3. Then after entering the URL, press the enter key.
  4. This will redirect you to the printer driver setup page.
  5. Thereafter, click the “setup” option in order to continue with the process.
  6. Consequently, a product selection window will appear on your screen. After that, enter your product model in the respective field.
  7. After providing the model number, click on the “Go” option.
  8. By, doing so it will open the driver downloading window. Here, you can choose your operating system for getting the desired download link. You will get this option on the upper right corner of the screen. For, that click on the inverted triangle and select your desired OS from the list.
  9. In the middle of the downloading process, you might get pop-up for saving the file, choosing the downloading location, etc. Then, follow on-screen instructions for the successful completion of the downloading process.
  10. Next, while the printer driver is downloading, you have to wait patiently.
  11. After that, once the downloading gets completed, you have to install it on your system.


  1. Before you begin with the installation process, you have to connect your system with the same wireless network with which your printer is connected.
  2. After that, open the downloaded folder on your system to get the downloaded setup file. In case, if you have changed the location at the time, then open that folder.
  3. Thereafter, double-click on the downloaded setup file of the printer driver.
  4. Subsequently, if prompted by the user account control dialogue for permission, click on the “Yes” option.
  5. After this, the initial screen appears on your screen. Click on the “Start Setup” option to start the installation process. You will locate this option at the bottom of the page.
  6. Then, click on the “Language” option in order to select the preferred language.
  7. After this, the software will check to see if there any updates to the driver. Therefore, it will download them as necessary, this will take a few minutes.
  8. Thereafter, select the name of the country or region from the drop-down menu list.
  9. After that, you are required to read the terms and conditions of the license agreement carefully. Then, if you agree to the terms and conditions, click on the “Yes” option.
  10. Next, the extended survey program dialogue box will appear. Then, if you would like to take part in the extended program, click on “Agree”. If you don’t want to take part, click on the “Do not agree” option. This is an optional step.
  11. After that, to allow “All Install Wizard Processes”, click on the “Next” option.
  12. Then, a Firewall Setting window will appear. Here, you have to tick mark the checkbox next to “Deactivate the block” and click the “Next” tab.
  13. After this, in the next window, you will see that it is checking for the printer status. Click on the “Next” option.
  14. In the next window, you have to select the printer connection method. You will get three options “Wireless LAN Connection”, “Wired LAN Connection” and “USB Connection”. Select the connection method and click the “Next” tab.
  15. Now, if choosing the Wireless LAN Connection method, then Canon asks you to choose from the “Connect Via Wireless Router” and “Direct Connection” option. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the “Connect Via Wireless Router” option. In case, if you want to opt for the other method i.e Direct Connection, click the “Instructions” tab and follow the on-screen instructions.
  16. Then, after making the desired selection, hit the “Next” tab.
  17. Next, the window will ask to check the power. After that, make sure that your printer is turned on and is well connected with the wireless connection.
  18. After this, click on the “Next” option to continue with the process.
  19. By, doing so, it will start searching for your printer. Wait, until it completes the search process.
  20. Then, you have to select the printer from the list of available printers. Make the preferred selection and click on the “Next” tab.
  21. Afterward, the Print Head window will appear on your screen. After this, click “Next” to continue with the process.
  22. By doing so, the print test window will appear. Run the test by clicking the “Execute” button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  23. Now, click on the “Next” option. You will locate this option at the bottom of the screen.
  24. The Setup procedure is now completed successfully. Tap the “Next” option to perform the software installation.
  25. This will display a Software Selection window. From the list, select the desired software you wish to install. Make the preferred selection and click on the “Next” button.
  26. Thereafter, the User Registration window will appear on your screen. Click “Next” or “Skip” as per your preference.
  27. This finishes the Canon Maxify iB4170 setup. In the Setup completion declaration screen, click the “Exit” tab.
  28. Your Canon Maxify iB4170 printer is now successfully installed successfully.