Canon Pixma G2010 Install

Canon Pixma G2010 Setup Procedure – Setup, Download and Install

  1. User need to unbox the printer and supply the power.
  2. Turn on the computer and connect it to the cord
  3. Press the power button present on the printer
  4. Proceed further and save the initial settings of the printer
  5. Like date, language, time, region in the control panel
  6. Now, load the printer with cartridges and paper on the tray
  7. Now connect the printer to the Wifi settings
  8. Start the download process of canon pixma G2010 driver
  9. Open the web browser and type –
  10. User will redirect to welcome page of canon
  11. Click on setup button
  12. Enter the canon printer model number of your printer
  13. From the drop down list choose the operating system
  14. Click on “GO” button
  15. Finally, click on the “Download” icon in order to complete the downloading process.
  16. Now, look forward for the installation process of canon pixma G2010 printer driver
  17. Run the driver package and wait for its files to self extract
  18. Click “Start Setup” button on the welcome screen
  19. Wait as the application gathers details for the downloading drivers
  20. Select your ‘Region’, then your ‘Country’ and finally, click on ‘Next’ to proceed.
  21. Accept the license agreement by clicking on the ‘Yes’ button
  22. Accept the survey program by clicking on ‘Agree’ button.
  23. If you want, then you can choose ‘Do not agree’ it will not make any difference on driver installation.
  24. Wait as the installer processes information.
  25. If ‘Deactivate the block’ option is not chosen by default, then choose it. Doing this will ensure that your Windows Firewall will allow this software to make the necessary changes on your Windows operating system. Then, click ‘Next’ to continue.
  26. Wait as the status for printer gets checked.
  27. Wait for the download of applications to complete.
  28. Wait as the MP Drivers get installed on your computer.
  29. Now connect one end of the printer USB cable to your Canon printer and its other end to your computer. Then, turn-on your Canon printer.
  30. Wait for the program to detect your printer.
  31. Click ‘Next’ to continue.
  32. Here, you can choose to click ‘Start’ button to print the test page, or else, click on ‘Next’ to proceed.
  33. If you want to set this Canon printer as your default printer, then choose ‘Set as default printer’ option, otherwise, leave this option unchecked.
  34. Then, click ‘Next’ button
  35. In this Window, you can choose which software you want to install on your computer. We are not installing any additional software. Then, click ‘Next’ to continue.
  36. Click on ‘Exit’ to complete the driver installation process.
  37. That’s it, you have successfully installed your Canon PIXMA G2010 printer on your computer and its ready for use.